Top 10 Apps to Instantly Boost Your Productivity

Top 10 apps to instantly make you more productive

It’s no secret that your phone can be a major distraction. We all do it…just sat aimlessly staring at your phone screen, scrolling down the timelines of your various social media apps. Before you know it an hour has gone and you have done absolutely nothing!

But, not all apps are created equal. There are thousands of apps out there that do absolutely nothing but destroy your productivity. and then there are apps that can dramatically increase it.

I love a good app and therefore I’ve decided to share with you my top 10 that I am using right now.

You might have better ones that you use and that work for you and hopefully there will be one or two on this list that you don’t have, which you can download and add to your ever expanding collection

So without further adjure….The First My Life My Terms Top 10

Top 10 Apps to Instantly Boost Your Productivity
(note this list is not in any sort of order and it is based on apps from the app store due to me having an iPhone 6SE)

#1 – Wunderlist



Probably the most used app on my phone apart from the calendar and notes.

Wunderlist is great because if you are anything like me you’ll have a very short memory. It allows you to create as many ‘To Do’ lists as you like and keeps them all well organised. You can create folders for your lists and add things like pictures, files/documents, set reminders on your list and various other things.

Another great thing about it is you can share lists with others. This means that if you are working on something or planning something with somebody else. As long as they have the app as well you can have conversations and leave comments on it for you both to see.

Everything is just laid out in a nice, clean, easy to use structure which makes it ideal for me. I have tried many ‘To Do’ list apps but for me this one is the best….and its FREE

#2 – Productive: Productive Habits & Daily Goals Planner


This app is one that I have only just started using. I think I downloaded it a couple days ago. Already I can see that it is going to be used a lot.

This app basically allows you to set what they call ‘smart reminders’ that alert you when you are scheduled to be doing a specific task.

Lets say that you have decided that you have want to get in to a proper structured daily routine. You want to wake up at a specific time, drink a litre of water, 15 mins of exercise followed by 15 mins of meditation. You then have other  set activities for the afternoon and evening for instance, stretching, go out for a jog or walk with the dog. You then want to be in bed for specific time.

It’s going to be an absolute nightmare for you to remember all of that with the set times and details of everything you need to do. This is where Productive comes in.

You can schedule in all the habits for morning, afternoon and evening or any time you like. You can schedule the same habit to be done more than once a day or only for the weekdays or just at the beginning of the month.

It gives you stats on your achievements so you can visually see how well you have done to stick to them. You get to focus on the task in hand. It only shows you what you are doing on that day and at that time so you don’t get caught up in worrying about what is left.

There is all sorts of other stuff too I recommend you dive in to and have a look at. I could probably write a whole post on just this app alone.

#3 – 1Password


Exactly as the name suggest…1Password is all you have to remember. The 1Password app lets you store hundreds of passwords that you will have for all the different applications and website that we use these days. It’s like a secure digital vault for all your sensitive log in information.

It’s a god send because it allows me to use a different password for all of my website admin logins and access them quickly. This also keeps everything more secure for yourself.

You can use 1Password to log in to all of your sites as long as the password for that site is stored inside 1Password already.

#4 – Dropbox


Another app of mine that gets used constantly. You’ve probably heard of it by now because of it’s popularity of one of the major file sharing apps. Even a lot of small businesses use it for their file sharing.

For those of you that don’t know what it is or haven’t used it before…

Dropbox is an app that allows you to store your photos, videos and other files in one central location that you can access from any other device that you have Dropbox installed on.

It’s great because I regularly come across things that spark certain ideas in my head while watching or reading something on my phone. I might the want to be able to watch or view that particular thing on my laptop later when I get home. I can just save it to Dropbox and the load it up on my laptop when I get home.

#5 – Buffer


This is an absolute beast of an app if you are in to social media marketing or have a business that you want to promote more on social media.

Buffer allows you to save interesting things that you find throughout the day while browsing on your phone. Instead of posting it all at once you can add it to Buffer and schedule the posts to go out at specific times during the day. That way you can have content posted from your account the times when most people will be able to see it.

You can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram Repost, Google+ and Pinterest all from one account.

Buffer can be the one app that allows you to never run out of content to post! If you have a business or a page to promote on social media you need download this immediately!

#6 – OnTrees

ontrees iphone app

This is one of my favourites apps to try and stay on top of my finances. It allows you to see all of your accounts and balances in one place. No more flicking from bank app to bank app to check your different accounts balances.

You can add all of your accounts and credit cards to see a real time up to date picture of all your incomings and outgoings. One thing to note is that it cannot be used to make any sort of transactions or move any money.

You get to see a clear picture of where you money is being spent…pretty priceless for someone like me who used to have no idea.

#7 –  Forest (Paid £1.49 as of 25/11/16) 


This here is a great little app that is trying to combat phone addiction. The concept of it is simple..

When you have something that you want to focus on you open this app and plant a tree. The longer you stay logged in to the app the bigger the tree grows. As soon as you leave the app your tree starts to die and wither away. The aim is to have a whole forest of trees and you can revel in your achievement and self control over on the stats overview page.

The app uses and interesting mechanism to use the self of achievement and responsibility to help you stay away from your phone with no pain.

I personally think it is worth every penny. A great tool to help you stay focused on your tasks/goals for the price of a bottle of Pepsi


#8 -Sleep Cycle


I don’t need to tell you that to be at your best you and give yourself the best chance of having a productive day you need to be well rested.

There is nothing worse than being woken up abruptly by your alarm while you’re in a nice deep sleep. You either get up straight away, which means you are a far better person than me. Or like me you’ll snooze it about 10 times until it gets so late that you have no choice but to jump out of bed and get ready as fast as possible. This leaves you feeling groggy and tired for most of the morning.

Sleep Cycle aims to combat this by analysing your sleep phases and wakes you up during the lightest phase. Which, is apparently the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relax.

I’ve not tried this yet personally but it’s had amazing reviews and I’ve just downloaded it. So will be checking this out tonight and see if it actually works.

I am THE worst at waking up in a morning so I’ll wait and see

#9 – IFTTT


IFTTT is one of my favourite websites on the net. IFTTT allows you to setup automated tasks that are carried out with specific triggers. You create ‘recipes’ which includes a number of different apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Also Home apps that interact with the smart appliances in your house.

If you regularly post on social media say for marketing purposes. You can create a recipe that, once you create a blog post it takes that post and publishes it on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr. It can then send and email to a specific person or list. The amount of combinations between apps is endless and more and more are added all the time.

This app is basically the mobile version of the desktop site. It’s a must have in my opinion. Definitely worth spending a couple hours getting used to it and navigating around experimenting with recipes.

#10 – 30/30


30/30 is an absolute gem of an app for helping your productivity skyrocket. It’s basically a time-based task manager which works like a stopwatch.

It’s a race against time to complete your tasks and actively prompts you to move on to the next one when the time is up.

You set up a list of tasks, and a length of time for each of them. When you start the timer it will let you know when your time is up. That is it! Really simple but highly effective.


An there you have it. Your definitive list of apps that will instantly make you more productive and feel completely on top of things if used correctly. Just these apps alone could save you hours of wasted effort.

Give them a try and let me know which one becomes you favourite that you just couldn’t live without


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