It’s almost time

21 Day metabolism reset products

So i got all my products ordered on Saturday.

The ones i ordered from Lifeplus have arrived…however the drops haven’t. Hopefully there will be here tomorrow.

21 Day metabolism reset products

I’m working away in Glasgow this week so hopefully when I get back I can start properly. It will perfect timing anyway because I can use the weekend as my loading days and start the calorie restriction on Monday.

I’ve uploaded a before shot below so that I have one from the very very beginning. I’ve included my measurements too so I have an accurate starting point to track my progress.

As you’ll see i’m not in too bad shape…I play football twice a week and go to gym about 2 or 3 times. My diet is rubbish though so I’m excited to see what sort of changes my body will go through physically and mentally.

As i mentioned in a previous post I’ve always struggled with shifting the fat around my abdomen so I can’t wait to see if i can bring my abs out.m Plus i go on holiday on the 9th August so would be a bonus to get in better shape before then.

I’ve heard great things about this diet and seen some amazing before and afters, hope i’m one of these success stories.


Before (front)Before (side)Before (back)



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