Diet Phase – Day 9


Today I did a little experimenting

I had a conversation with Donna who I was introduced to this diet by.

I told that I had been feeling hungry and a bit tired which she advised was because I wasn’t eating enough protein.

I’m still playing football and going to the gym but sticking to the exact diet written out in the plan. The low amount of calories is effecting my energy levels and was told because I am doing the extra activities I should up my protein in take.

So that’s exactly what I did today.

Wondering what sort of effect it will have over this next week as I am expecting a plateau at some point as my body becomes used to diet. Hopefully this switch up will help me avoid that

Here is the breakdown of what I ate today:

07:30 – hCG drops

08:30  – Supplements
– 1st half of tablets

09:00 – Breakfast
– Protein shake
– Orange

10:30 – Snack
– Low carb, low sugar, Atkins chocolate brownie protein bar

12:00 – hCG drops

WENT TO THE GYM (all weights no cardio)

13:30 – Lunch
– Tuna salad

14:00 – Snack
Naked organic cocoa bar

17:00 – Supplements
– 2nd half of supplements

WENT FOOTBALL TRAINING (All cardio….so much running 🙁 )

20:30 – Dinner (made before i went training)
– Lean homemade meatballs
– Home made tomato sauce

22:00 – Supplements
– 2nd half of tablets

Felt full and alert all day better than I had before and had loads of energy at football training. Feeling a lot fitter and lighter at the moment and it’s all down to changing the way I eat.

Very positive at the moment with it all and hoping I can keep it going.


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