Diet Phase – Day 8

Sci MX Diet Pro Protein

Back to normality and routine after this weekends antics.

I definitely find it easier to stick to the diet when I’m at work. On a weekend I’m genuinely all over the place doing this that and the other. Or if not I’m at home where there is a snack cupboard and a biscuit jar and bread everywhere just pushing my self control to it’s limits!

So getting back to work, even though It’s Monday, was bit of a relief.

Nothing special to report today as it’s been pretty much standard just a break down of what I’ve eaten…

07:20 – hCG drops

08:30 – Breakfast
– 1 orange
– Protein shake

I finally got round to buying some new protein powder after the last ran out just before I started the diet. I decided on a brand called Sci MX and their Diet Pro Protein formula
Sci MX Diet Pro Protein

09:00 – Supplements
– 1st half of tablets

12:00 – hCG drops

12:30 – Lunch
– Left over turkey curry and cauliflower rice from yesterday

13:30 – Supplements
– 2nd half of tablets

17:00 – hCG Drops

17:30 – Dinner
– Tomato and rosemary cod fillet
– Mediterranean couscous

21:30 – Supper
– Two grilled rashers of turkey bacon

Bed time now as I had a late night last night and I’m struggling…Peace and that

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