Diet Phase – Day 7 | Progress Check

Progress check

PROGRESS DAY! Yeah buddy.

Time to see if all this hunger has been worth it.

Photo’s were taken by my glorious assistant Laura and no filter or fancy lighting was used deliberately. I wanted the shots to be the real deal and not sugar coated or manipulated in anyway. Taken in the same spot in the bedroom for both pics.

Leave the fancy ones for when i’m on holiday next week…get me on that plane

So without further ado…

21 Day Metabolism reset progress FullSizeRender[1] FullSizeRender[2]

Weight: 74.6kg | 12.4st

I didn’t weigh myself a the start which I’m a bit gutted i didn’t do now. However I’m not really bothered about my weight, i’m more bothered about the visible appearance and far loss.

I go to the gym at least twice a week and do compound exercises. So as I build muscle and loose fat my weight probably won’t change much anyway, it might even go up.

As you can see there is clear progress in these comparison pics so I’m definitely happy with the progress so far.

When you see your self in the mirror everyday you can’t really tell the difference so it’s been good to get these done. Exited for the next couple weeks now.

So here’s how it went down…

09:00 – Supplements
– hCG drops

09:30 – Breakfast
– Scambled eggs
– Two cherry tomatoes

10:30 – Supplements
– 1st half of tablets

13:00 – Supplements
– hCG drops

13:30 – Lunch
– Home made Turkey and spinach curry
– Cauliflower rice

14:15 – Supplements
– 2nd half of drops

17:00 Dinner
– Bowl of Turkey curry from lunch

20:30 – Supper
– two turkey rashers
– 3 scrambled egg whites

I added this extra meal in as I was quite hungry and I don’t think I was quite near the 800 calorie maximum. I think next week as I start back at the gym and training I’m going to add this extra meal in. It’s very low in fat and carbs and full of protein. Will see how my body reacts. If i think it’s slowed the fat loss process down then I’ll cut it out again for the last week

So there we have it. One week down two to go. Exited to see the progress however I might not take another shot not until that Day 21…seems so far off 🙁



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