Diet Phase – Day 6


What a long day!

Little brother has finally grown up and moved in with his girlfriend so I’ve been helping him move all day.

I also went on a night out for my friend Alex’s birthday. It was a big test for me at this still very early stage in the diet.

Energy levels were good throughout the day and managed to eat well but missed a meal and timings were all over place.

There was a small cheeky little veg samosa that worked it’s way in to lunch but with all the heavy lifting I was doing helping my bro move, it probably wont make much of a difference. So, on a whole I can say the day was a success. 

Here’s the break down…

07:30am – Supplements
– hCG drops

09:00am – black Coffee while at IKEA

10:15 – Breakfast (finally)
– Had to pick some outdoor furnature up from my mums so she hooked me up some scrambled eggs

10:30 – Supplements
– First half of tablets

14:00 – Lunch
– Roast chicken
– Salad (iceburg lettuce, Italian mixed salad leaves, beetroot, red and yellow peppers)
– 1 small veg samosa (bad I know but just couldn’t help it I was so hungry)

18:30 – Dinner
– Two perri perri chicken breast strips

I just wasn’t that hungry and also didn’t have time to make anything as I had to pick a friend up at 7 and head to Leeds.

I didn’t eat anything else after this but I did have one drink.

I deliberately drove on the night out so I couldn’t drink. I had one vodka tonic and a couple lemonades which is not allowed on the diet but what could I drink….water? There’s no way I’m going to a bar and ordering a glass of water…the man in me just wont allow it.

Even at 2am walking out of the nightclub and past all the takeaways I didn’t crack under the pressure to eat something bad.

I was absolutely famished and could have easily devoured a whole 16″ pepperoni pizza to myself at that point. However, I managed to hold it together and just head home

That was the biggest show of will power from myself in a long time.

No pics of food today unfortunately didn’t get chance and didn’t really eat much to be honest

Day 7 progress report tomorrow…am exited and a bit nervous if am honest to see the changes (if any)!!

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