Diet Phase – Day 4

Day 4 Dinner

Tattoo day today!

Pain was not as bad as I expected and it came out quite nice. This is the start of my full forearm being covered so one down plenty more sessions to go. Here it is so case your even bother ūüôā

lion tattoo

I was stuck in the shop for about 4-5 hours so the diet went a bit off track but not too far.

I was advised that my blood sugar levels had to be up before getting a tattoo as It stops you from passing out. I was told to have a fizzy drink but can’t do that can I, so went for a Nourishment. Not realising just how much sugar was in one can…54 flipping grams…54!

Also had to send Laura to the shop to get me some lunch so had to work with the limited health eating options available.

Here’s what was consumed today…

08:45am – Supplements
– 10 hCG drops
– 1st half of tablets

10:00am – Breakfast
– Banana Nourishment milk drink

13:30 – Lunch
РFalafel salad box with humus
(to be fair I didn’t eat all the¬†humus¬†and I only had 3 falafel’s)

17:00 – Supplements
– hCG drops
– 2nd half of tablets

17:30 – Dinner
– Bolognese
– Tall stem brocoli | Curly kale | Maungetout |
Day 4 Dinner

19:00 – Snack
– Handful of strawberries

So…slight wobble this morning but apart from that I stayed on track.

Drink wise I had a few cups of tea, a bottle of water and a bottle of coconut water

See you on the flip side

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