Diet Phase – Day 3

bolognese and kale

It’s really not about empty fridges when your on a diet. Especially a diet as serious as this.

Wow…the struggle was real when I had to go shopping after work due to their being nothing in to eat. The last time I had eaten was 13:40pm and that was a left overs from last nights chicken stir fry.

A whole 5 hours later strolling round the supermarket watching Laura through Harribos and chocolate biscuits and jammy dodgers and my favourite snack of all…salted popcorn in the trolley. I did question my life a few times…wondering how long I could go on.

By the time we got home, unpacked, sorted Marley and various other stuff it was 21:o0 before I got to eat again…killer!

Anyway it was well worth the wait and I feel a bit proud of myself for not giving in and just grabbing a packet of crisps or something

Tomorrow is going to be the real test. I have a whole day of tattooing to sit through…should be fun!

Here’s what I ate today:

07:20am – Supplements
10 hCG drops
1st half of tablets

08:40 Breakfast
– Chocolate Atkins protein shake

NO snack today 🙁

11:50 Pre workout
– Handful of chicken breast pieces

12:00-13:10 in the gym

13:40 – Lunch
Left over chicken stir fry

21:00 – Very late dinner
– Home made bolognese and curly kale
bolognese and kale


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