Diet Phase – Day 14

mylahore interior

2 weeks mark baby!

Can’t actually believe I’ve made it this far but glad I have. It has been difficult but no where near as difficult as I first thought.

Now that i’m here I might as well continue haven’t I.

Back in the office today but in early as there is a lot to get done and finished and checked in time for staff to come in tomorrow morning.

Started the day with a decent breakfast again, lunch was a working one from Bar Burrito lunch was very late on from My Lahore’s in Bradford

mylahore interior

Absolutely one of my favourite places to go in Bradford.

Headed home around half 5 and just drove the full 3 and half hours straight through.

Here’s the breakdown:

08:00 – hCG drops

8:30 – Breakfast
– Scrambled eggs
– Small portion of beans

9:00 – Supplements
– First half of tablets

13:00 – Lunch
– Naked chicken burrito (lettuce, cabbage, red jalapenos, pinto beans, spicy salsa)

17:00 – hCG drops

18:00 – Dinner
– Protein shake
– orange

21:30 – Supper
– Grilled spicy chicken
– Salad

Chicken grill

Was absolutely famished by the time I got home so had to stop and get that meal in. Was definitely worth the wait.

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