Diet Phase – Day 13

Steak cattle and roll

Another long day today but had a nice chilled morning.

As I’m going to be working longer days this weekend and doing a lot of physical activity I decided to have a decent breakfast as opposed to just a protein shake.

I know that this is not fully sticking to the diet but I believe there has to be room to manoeuvre or else you could end up drained and getting to the point where quiting or having a full on cheat day seems like the only option. In a way this is my way of also being able to stick this diet out.

Had breakfast at the hotel which was followed by a Subway salad lunch and a steak for dinner.

Dinner was at a place called Steak Cattle and Roll and It was THE hardest place to go and eat clean. They do the most amazing burgers, fries and Steaks! I am definitely going back at some point as I feel cheated out of an experience.

I won’t post pics of them in case you are reading this and are in the middle of the diet like me…you don’t need to be seeing things like that believe me.

Some of the contractors lads were up from London and in working as well so I won’t lie we had a great night out and I had a few Vodka and Tonics. Nothing too silly though.

I feel like I’m making some great progress in terms of the way I look at the moment. Everyday I can see a change and I’m looking more and more defined. Which is even more impressive to me seen as I haven’t been to the gym much this last week.

Next week will be a proper test while I’m on holiday but looking forward to it as for the first time in a while I have a decent beach body!

Here what went down:

8:00 – hCG drops

8:30 – Breakfast
– Scrambled eggs
– Tomato
– Small portion of beans
– Black tea

9:30 – Supplements
– 1st half of tablets

13:30 Lunch
– Subway salad (chicken breast, Turkey, lettuce, red onion, green peppers, jalapenos, tiny but of onion dressing)

15:00 – Snack
– Hand full of strawberries

18:00 – hCG drops

18:30 – Supplements
– Second half of tablets

19:30 – Dinner
– 8/oz sirloin steak
– Portobello mushroom
– grilled beef tomato

In addition to the list was a a few naughty vodka tonics but when working away it’s a tradition to go out. The ridicule I would have receive for not drinking would have been unbearable. I’ll make up for it over the next week!

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