Diet Phase – Day 10


Day 10! Half way (more or less).

I can’t actually believe I’ve been able to stick it out this long. I have never eaten as healthy as this, for this long ever.

Definitely going to complete this thing even if it cuts in to my holiday. The last day of the diet lands on a Sat so it’s good timing and leaves me with a week to get back to eating normal portions, although the next 21 days after is all about the stabilisation phase. So we’ll see how I feel.

I’m actually quite surprised with myself and even happier that I’ve decided to do it. I definitely think this is going to be something I stick to in the long run, just not as extreme in terms of the low calories

I had a football match tonight with some of my old school mates playing for the schools old boys. Had to squeeze dinner in quickly before lunch and that was not a good idea. I felt like i was going to throw up through the whole game..not cool, still bossed it though

So here’s what I ate:

7:30 – hCG drops

08:30 Breakfast
– Protein shake

09:00 – Supplements
– 1st half of drops

12:00 – hCG drops

12:30 – Lunch
– Turkey bacon and onion Omelette*
– Side salad
– Black tea

*Featured image of this meal shows coleslaw..i didn’t eat it I promise!

14:30 – Snack
– Half a ‘ginger bread’ nakd bar

16:30 – hCG drops

17:30 – Dinner 
– Left over bolognese from the other day
– Brocoli and cauliflower


10:00 – Supplements (little later than usual)
– 2nd half of supplements

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